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· Soma Magnetics, Inc, is a leading supplier of transformers, inductors, and coils to the telecommunication, aerospace, and defense industries.

· The corporation has experienced tremendous growth since its founding in 1990. Currently, it has about 20 employees, but during its peak year in 2000, it has as many as 120 employees.

· It has an unlimited expansion capacity, infrastructure, and vendor support, in order to handle the smallest or largest of customer orders.

· With its current capacity and upcoming upgrades, soma Magnetics, Inc. can provide complete traceability to original manufacturers, raw material inventory levels, aged material traceability, and disposition, non-conforming materials traceability and disposition.

· It can also provide soft copies of travelers and pic list, showing traceability to original manufacturers, with product shipments.Soma Magnetics, Inc, has served its current customers for well over ten years. The current customers are satisfied with the pricing, delivery , quality, and customer support that the company provides, and they have a lot good thing to say.

· Employees safety, environmental protection, and adhering to Government rules and regulations are of top priority at Soma Magnetics. For this reason, all such issues are contracted out and managed by professional companies.

· Soma Magnetics, Inc. has a state-of-the-art facility and computer system, as well as the best machinery and vendor support and most importantly, a vision to excel. Please give Soma Magnetics a chance to prove itself and supply you with quality products at competitive prices.

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